Inclement weather... 

This section will be updated no later than 2 hours before the event start time should there be an unexpected change of event, venue or time.

 1/27/2018 Platinum Students - We look forward to seeing you tonight!  (This is where we post unexpected, last minute changes before an event.  Always check this section before you leave.  Updated 1/27) 



​These are general reminders for students before they attend the next event.  This section will be updated no later than Monday following each event.

5TH, 6TH GRADE and SILVER - Please mail your RSVPs as soon as you receive your spring ball invitations.  We cannot wait to see you at our last event (Asian Ball).  Ladies bring your gloves to our ball; Gentlemen tie your own tie.  All students leave their workbooks at home.

7TH and PLATINUM -  Mail your RSVP.  After attending Phantom,  mail a Thank You note. 

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Class News and  Updates


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Etiquette Enrichment...

The following is our suggestion to help students create habits from their new skills.  All activities are due before the next event; RSVPs are due as noted on the invitations.  This section will be updated no later than Monday following each event.

​​​5TH/6TH GRADE - READ Ch 5, complete Etiquette Enrichment page 62, practice Waltz (page 59-61) and complete                  last Etiquette Excursion on page 19, write the RSVP (using pages 56-58) and mail it (Updated 1/28)

​​​​SILVER - READ Ch 4, complete Etiquette Enrichment page 50, and complete 1 Etiquette Excursion on page 19 
            Gentlemen - Practice tying your tie for next class. Ladies review Glove Etiquette pg 28. (Updated 1/15)

7TH GRADE - Etiquette Enrichment, Ch 5 page 63 and complete Etiquette Excursion on page 27.  Please write the                Thank you note using pages 42-52 from 6th Grade Workbook and mail it. (Updated 1/28)      

PLATINUM -  Please write the Thank you note (using pages 42-52 from 6th Grade Workbook) and mail it, return RSVP

           for ball. Consider applying to be a Student Volunteer.  For details, CLICK HERE.  (Updated 1/28)


Emails ...

Please contact Mrs. McCarter if you have not received the most recent emails.

ELEMENTARY ETIQUETTE (Parkwood Enrichment and First Wesleyan):​

                     -"Class 1 Details"                            -"Class 2 Highlights"              -"Parent Invitation"

                     -"Class 1 Highlights"                       -"Class 3 Highlights"


5th GRADE, 6th GRADE and Silver Class :                                                                    

                     -Jan 27 "Registration for Gold Program"

                     -Feb 5 "Parents' Waltz"
                     -Feb 9 "​​RSVP and Student Reminder"

                      -Jan 15 "Phantom Details"

                      -Feb 12 "Asian Tour Ball Details"