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This section will be updated no later than 2 hours before the event start time should there be an unexpected change of event, venue or time.

 11/10/2018 York/Gaston County SILVER/GOLD  -  We look forward to seeing all our students in Tega Cay tonight!  (This is where we post unexpected, last minute changes before an event after 2:00 pm.  Always check this section before you leave.)  Updated 10/26 2:30 pm 



​These are general reminders for students before they attend the next event.  This section will be updated no later than Monday following each event.

SILVER PROGRAM -  Ladies, bring your gloves to our next class. All students: Please leave your books at home.


GOLD PROGRAM -   Please mail your completed RSVP cards!  Ladies, do not bring your gloves to the dinner. All Students: Please leave your books at home.


Etiquette Enrichment...

The following is our suggestion to help students create habits from their new skills.  All activities are due before the next event; RSVPs are due as noted on the invitations.  This section will be updated no later than Monday following each event.

​​​​​​​SILVER - Read Chapter 3, complete Etiquette Enrichment (page 38), and read Etiquette Excursions (page 19 Note:

                email with more details will follow).    (Updated 10/29)

GOLD  -  Read Chapter 3, complete Etiquette Enrichment (page 39), Etiquette Excursions (pg 27 Note: email with

                more details will follow).  (Updated 10/29)
PLATINUM -  Consider applying to be a Student Volunteer.  For details, CLICK HERE.  (Updated 8/20)


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Class News and  Updates


Emails ...

Please contact Mrs. McCarter if you have not received the most recent emails.

ELEMENTARY ETIQUETTE (First Wesleyan, Gaston Day and Parkwood):​

                     -Oct 21 "Class 1 Highlights"                            -The Week of 10/22 "Class 2 Highlights"

                     -The Week of 10/29 "Class 3 Highlights"        -The Week of 10/29 "Parents' Observation"


SILVER PROGRAM (York County)                                      SILVER PROGRAM (Gaston County)                                                   -Oct 23 "Class 3 Reminder"                               -Nov 11 "Class 2 Reminder"                             


GOLD PROGRAM (York County, Gaston County):
                      -Oct 23 "Class 3 Reminder"                              -Nov 3 "Instructional Dinner Details Pt 1"
                      -Nov 3 "Class 3 Highlights"                               -Nov 3 "Nov 10th: Instructional Dinner Pt 2"