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I hereby give and grant permission for CLASSIC COTILLION, LLC the rights to use any photographs of my child in all forms of media, including the promotion, advertising, and any other lawful purpose.  I understand that CLASSIC COTILLION, LLC will take measures to protect the privacy of my child and not use names or any other identifying details; names will not be "tagged" on social media websites. I further release CLASSIC COTILLION, LLC from any damages in using my child's likeness or photographs.  I do further certify that I am of full legal capacity to execute the foregoing authorization and release.  I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished photographs of my child and any text that may accompany the photographs.  

Photo Release

Please use the form below to grant or deny permission to Classic Cotillion, LLC so that it may use your child's image or likeness in its print materials (newsletter, newspaper, print publications, etc) or electronic media (Facebook, website, emails, blog, etc).  If consent is given, no names or other personal identification information will be used without notification and additional consent by the parent or guardian first (announcements, awards, etc).