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Elementary Etiquette Series 

The Elementary Etiquette Series is a group of four courses written for the elementary-aged students and their learning styles.  Each series focuses on seasonal topics but do not build upon each other. Therefore, a participant may register for a series without participating in the previous course.  Participants meet immediately after school for one hour.

6th Grade Program

The 6th Grade program is designed for 6th Grade students.  This introductory program material features the social skills that many middle school students need and continues to include a number of diverse subjects such as Cell Phone Etiquette and Protocol, Managing Technology with Manners, Social Media Etiquette and Protocol, First Impressions, Conversation Skills/ Body Language, the Art of Friendship, and Reception/Party Dining Etiquette.     

Program Overview

The purpose of CLASSIC COTILLION, LLC is to provide training in the time-honored tradition of strong character, impeccable manners and self-confidence to students so that they may become responsible leaders who are productive members of society.  Ladies and gentlemen learn to communicate effectively using verbal and non-verbal skills; members will rehearse necessary social graces and study the etiquette of relevant topics including social media.  In addition, they will practice the art of social dance where they appreciate physical boundaries and learn cooperation and timing.  Ladies and gentlemen enjoy the formal yet student friendly atmosphere.  As they become more confident, they are eager to demonstrate their education in real-life situations.

CLASSIC COTILLION classes focus on proper manners, etiquette, social skills and character development with a fresh and entertaining approach.  As the season unfolds, we challenge the students to convert their newly formed skills into life-long habits.  Being surrounded by their peers in a positive environment, students develop self-confidence, become empowered and take pride in their personal growth. 


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7th Grade Program

The 7th Grade program is designed for 7th Grade students (and 8th Grade students who did not participate in the 6th Grade program).  The program material includes the second tier of social skills, etiquette and protocol for all the social situations they will encounter as they begin their journey into adulthood.  Also, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics including networking,  managing technology/social media etiquette, interview skills, conversation skills,  and an intense study of a 5-Course, American Style dining experience.   

Platinum Program

The Platinum program is designed for Year III and Year IV students; successful completion of the 7th Grade program is a requirement.  Participants in this polishing program will implement previously learned skills in real-life settings so they will become fluent in the art of social graces and be able to demonstrate their education naturally. Because these teenagers have busier lives, there are only 5 events and includes two trips to Charlotte, NC.   The curriculum includes the etiquette required for: Barbeque and Outdoor Parties, International Affairs (Business and Travel), Twenty-First Century Communication and Marketing (texting, social media, Facebook, Instagram etc.) as well as guided participation in the sophisticated, adult world.

5th Grade Program

We are thrilled to launch our 5th Grade Program!   Over the years, many parents have asked for a curriculum geared toward these more mature elementary school learners.  So, we created this unique study specifically for them.  The program material includes an introductory study of manners, social skills, soft skills, communication and dining.