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A Cotillion Student Volunteer helps the cotillion program in various ways.  

Volunteers oversee essential tasks for each event.  This work includes preparing the Welcome area, filling the refreshment table, clearing the service table and repacking decorations when the event ends. Depending on their skills and areas of interest, Student Volunteers may play pre-determined music, greet and seat students, demonstrate etiquette skills or dance steps, fill in as dance partners, and/or respond to the needs of chaperons or parents.

A Cotillion Student Volunteer continues his experience.

Student Volunteers receive training in social dance, gain confidence, practice grace under pressure, and acquire invaluable job experience.  After one year of service, Student Volunteers may use Mr. or Mrs. McCarter as a reference for future jobs or college scholarship applications. In addition, senior Student Volunteers mentor the new Junior Student Volunteers so that the transformation from student to leader is not overwhelming.  

​As an added benefit, many teenagers belong to community service organizations that require them to volunteer. Student Volunteers may apply their Cotillion time to receive credit; these groups include religious organizations (confirmation classes or youth groups), scout programs and Beta Clubs.

A Cotillion Student Volunteer may learn more about the program. 
​Student Volunteers who are interested in gaining more details about the program should fill out an application (by clicking the link below). Also, they may look at the Silver Program/Event schedule
so that they may compare their personal schedules with Classic Cotillion events. NOTE: Student Volunteers are not required to attend every event.

Student Volunteer Program

Our Student Volunteer Program is an awesome way for teenagers who completed the Year II program to remain active in CLASSIC COTILLION, continue their education and participate in our mentor program.