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Will my child be "paired " with the child he nominates?

No.  Students will be paired with a partner at the beginning of each class.  Then, every 7-8 minutes, students change partners.  This rotation helps children to be more comfortable when introducing themselves, meeting new friends, and making fabulous first impressions.

What can I do if my child is on the Wait List?

The great news is that there are items that you can complete that will help speed up the process.  First, register your child so that we know you are interested in joining us.  Second, finish all the tasks on the "Registration Checklist" EXCEPT for making a payment.  

I heard that my child can "SKIP" to the front of the  Wait List line.  Is that true?


The purpose of the Wait List is to ensure a 1:1 ratio.  So, if your child nominates a friend of the opposite gender and that child registers, then your child will be moved IMMEDIATELY off the Wait List and assigned to a class.  

‚ÄčTo nominate one or more student(s), please CLICK HERE.  To receive credit, make sure you include either your name or your child's name in the "Nominated by" box.  

How do I know if my child is on the Wait List?

When you try to make an online payment on our "Make a Payment" page, the tuition label will have the words "WAIT LIST" and  a tuition amount of "$0.00" next to it.  Also, when you register online, you will be notified by email.

Basic Details

Throughout the enrollment period, registration waves of students (ladies or gentlemen) will cause our 1:1 ratio to be weighted heavier toward a particular gender.  For this reason, we create a Wait List.  Once the enrollment balances, then wait listed students (one at a time) will be notified, shifted into the "Registered" category and assigned to a class.  For example, there may be a Wait List for 6th Grade Gentlemen but not one for Year II Gentlemen.  

The Wait List Process

In order to keep our classes at a 1:1 ratio (Ladies to Gentlemen), we create a Wait List.